Cybersecurity Company Opts for Upflex-powered Newmark App for Hybrid Work

Christophe Garnier headshot

Newmark has announced that cybersecurity firm Trellix has chosen Newmark’s Opality tool — powered by Upflex — to manage the hybrid workplace.

Implementing an effective hybrid work model is tough. It’s not just about a mindset shift, and a rethink of your real estate strategy: With employees scattered across the country or around the globe, employers also need to give serious thought to cybersecurity.

During the pandemic, when we saw some of the world’s biggest companies embracing remote and hybrid work at rapid speeds, we knew security and data privacy would be huge needs for the business world — not to mention huge differentiators for Upflex — so we poured a great deal of energy into studying up on global privacy and security regulations and earning the rigorous certifications necessary in order to be an option for these clients, including ISO 27001 certification and a voluntary additional SOC 2 compliance for data security, data availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

We’re feeling gratified as we hear the news that Trellix, a 3,400-employee tech firm devoted to redefining the future of cybersecurity, will be using Newmark’s Opality to manage the hybrid workplace.

Optality is Newmark’s dynamic portfolio solution, built to enable enterprise companies to optimize office space and thrive in the era of hybrid and flexible work. Newmark tapped Upflex to partner in creating Optality. We provided both the intuitive mobile app and booking platform, and the global network of third-party workspace on demand, which Optality users can leverage to search, book, and manage workspace anywhere, anytime. Newmark Global Corporate Services made Upflex’s tech and network their own, with their global team’s deep experience, expertise and strategic skill in meeting the commercial real estate needs of enterprise clients.

We know the Trellix team has high cybersecurity standards themselves — and we’re proud to see that the technology we bring to Optality ticked the boxes.

“Through our collaboration with Newmark, our cybersecurity leaders are empowered to create a workplace where employees are engaged, productive and connected — strengthening our hybrid culture,” Jessica Salcido, Trellix Vice President of Workplace Strategy said in a recent press release about the deal.

These are just the goals we and Newmark are striving to help companies meet with our network and our technology, built to make the future-forward workplace more manageable, sustainable, and more secure.