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Upflex is being used by businesses all around the world to facilitate their innovative flexible workspace strategies. To help meet that demand, hundreds of workspace operators — from boutique spaces to global brands — have joined our global network. We are creating the workplace of the future as a team. Here’s why you should join it.

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What Sets Upflex Apart?

Better Access to Customers

Better Access to Customers

When you’re part of Upflex’s network, you have access to a vast, new pool of potential customers.

Seamless Access to Dashboard

Seamless Access to Dashboard

On Upflex, you decide what types of inventory to list and for how long: desks, meeting rooms, private offices, on-demand, short- or long-term.

No Membership Fees

No Membership Fees

Listing is completely free — no membership fees, or setup costs. Each successful booking generates money that’s all yours.

Opportunities For Long-term Bookings

Opportunities For Long-term Bookings

Opt to offer long-term leases and become part of a company’s ongoing workplace strategy or search for collaborative spaces.

Crafting technology for effortless flex work

Upflex’s innovative, user-friendly technology enables flex work to be easier and more seamless, for businesses of all sizes. Our tech is built to serve our Space Partners every step of the way while keeping things uncomplicated for them.

You’re in Good Company

Be a part of our diverse network of thousands of workspaces. We partner with hundreds of operators of all sizes in more than 90+ cities whose spaces deliver innovation, comfort, connectivity, and professionalism.

Launch Easily, Swiftly, and Without Expense

Upflex is free to join, and we do most of the work to get you started!


Setting up is simple! Upflex creates your profile, and all you have to do is review and publish it. After that, you have control over your listing and what you offer.


Every time a client books your space, you’ll receive an email. For private offices and meeting rooms, you’ll confirm every booking. For desks, bookings are auto-confirmed.


Upflex consolidates payments for all bookings made on our platform and releases payments to the space partner monthly.

How We Support You

Upflex is easy to use, and we do our best to support you at all stages.


Dedicated Space Team

A specialised Space Team is available at Upflex to assist you and help resolve any challenges that may arise during the booking process.


Low Touch Platform

We handle the majority of the setup tasks and only need you to verify and add any missing details. Once your profile is set up, no further adjustments are needed unless significant changes occur.


Regularly Updated Features

To make our platform simpler to use, we are constantly adding new features. On our roadmap:

  • The incorporation of additional coworking management platforms
  • Google Calendar and Outlook integration

Ready to Begin?

When you become a member of Upflex, you join a community that’s actively crafting solutions for the future of work. We’re eager to collaborate with you. Complete our brief application form, and we’ll promptly provide you with further information about the next steps!