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Upflex India is a pioneering platform that empowers businesses by providing them with inspiring & diverse managed offices & co-working spaces, fostering motivation & well-being amongst their workforce.

Trusted By Enterprises and Start-ups, Across Industries

From enterprises to start-ups, employers use Upflex to expand their domestic & global presence — and reduce their real estate spend. Sectors that have been our TRUE PATRONS

Empowering Your Workspace Evolution

The Next Era in Workplace Solutions

Upflex brings you the future of workplace culture by offering businesses the flexibility to scale, the efficiency of managed services, and a dynamic collaborative environment.


Office Elasticity Like Never Before

Upflex empowers businesses to venture into new markets with confidence and a seamless, elastic workspace experience. Our managed office and co-working solutions offer a risk-free way to establish operations while enhancing office adaptability.

Expand Your Presence, Reduce Your Costs

Elevate your expansion strategy with Upflex India and reduce real estate costs significantly. The access to shared amenities and services with Upflex not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces overhead expenses.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Don’t just shrink your real estate spend. Shrink your carbon footprint, too. Our workspace solutions are designed to help your company reduce its environmental impact. Plus, when you book a desk, we plant a tree on behalf of your organization.

Stay asset-light while being connected nationally.

Gain access to the largest curation of high-quality meeting rooms, dedicated desk spaces, private offices and more, across 90+ cities.